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We offer resources to help you succeed no matter what you're trying to accomplish: improve performance in a complex area, learn effective test-taking tactics, or reach your goal score.

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SAT Test Preparation

Personalized SAT Test Preparation

Our SAT test preparation strategy is intended to assist students in overcoming the SAT's challenging nature. We provide students with subject-matter expertise, test-taking techniques, and comprehension of the SAT's patterns, enabling them to get their greatest possible score. You cannot cram for this exam; thus, the ideal curriculum, in our opinion, enables pupils to develop their abilities gradually.


Through active practice, students at MoxiePrep will get acquainted with the SAT test's sections, question styles, and typical difficulties. We want to assist students in comprehending the ideas behind SAT questions and in learning the fundamental concepts included in the SAT. Each session is tailored to the student's particular areas of weakness, and we assist them in enhancing their current abilities.

Score gains on the SAT are tricky because of the test's demanding material and variable scoring system; let us assist you by using our professional programs.


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SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Breakdown

SAT Reading Section

52 Questions / 65 Minutes

Our critical reading materials emphasize both the vocabulary essential to a student’s ability to grasp college-level material and the ability to read, digest, and extract essential information from a given test. We help students recognize recurrent question types and differentiate right from wrong answers. Our students become more attuned to the significance of word choice and more adept at discerning an author’s meaning, skills that are useful in any college career. Moreover, we have developed a series of vocabulary lists representing the words most frequently tested on the SAT. The mastery of these words helps students improve their accuracy in sentence completion questions while also aiding them in the assessment of vocabulary-driven critical reading questions. 

The reading section is broken down into three major units: Command of Evidence (10 questions, generally 2 per passage, including evidence-based inference and the ways that the authors use evidence to support their claims), Words in Context (10 questions, generally 2 per passage, ask for the use and meaning of vocabulary in the context of the passages), and Analysis (32 questions, including the ability to evaluate author attitude and purpose, passage structure and organization, and other “deeper” aspects of each piece of writing). 


SAT Writing & Language Section

44 Questions / 35 Minutes

The Writing & Language section tests students’ ability to analyze text for grammatical and rhetorical correctness. Many students rely on their “ear” to help determine which of four answer choices may be the correct answer. However, this leads students in the wrong direction - the way we speak is not always proper English. We emphasize the basic rules the SAT is testing, from subject-verb agreement to paragraph organization.

The Writing & Language section is broken down into several major units: Command of Evidence, Words in Context, and Expression of Ideas (55% of this section about 24 questions, including development, organization, and effective language use), Standard English Conventions (45% of this section about 20 questions, including sentence structure, usage, and punctuation), and Interpret Data from Graphics (2 to 4% of this section).

I got my SAT scores for the October test: 1450!!! 720 Verbal!!
Thanks for all your help!


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